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From: ben me_over
Subject: Master's New Boy - Chapter 8Master's New Boy
Authors Notes:
This story is pure fiction and any resemblance to real life people or
Circumstances are purely coincidental. Though my story may involve unsafe
sex, I believe that in real life safer sex is the only way to play!
Chapter 8 - Country Rin.It took us a good two hours to get to the destination and like my master
said it was in the middle of nowhere, and nobody illegal little girls bbs around to see me in my
rubber child rape pics bbs shorts and harness. lolita castle top tgp It was a nice day but the sun wasn't very strong
and there was a gentle breeze blowing round my free lolita panty pics
chest and back, which made my
nipples, erect. I noticed that it was free pthc lolita videos quite hilly all around us. You would
have thought my master might have broken me into this exercise palaver
gently but oh no straight in at the deep end. "Right boy you ready for
this" he asked knowing perfectly well that I wasn't really.
"Yes sir" I lied gritting my teeth as the words came out of my mouth. I was
so fearful of being seen with all this gear on, but it was also an added
thrill thinking of the lolita tgp preteen pics possibility of being caught. I noticed that my cock
tried go grow but dark sven bbs was restrained by the rubber shorts that had firm bbs kds online hold on
my cock through the tube inside them. So that was it my master started to
run in his tracksuit and I followed behind him, trying my very best to keep
up passwords for bbs xxx with him. bbs sex japan To be honest the first mile free pics lolikon child I managed fairly well and no one
had child nude lolly edition seen me in this site amateursexpleasurecom russian lolita
state of dress. I could feel the butt plug moving
around inside me with every step I ran. I was so horny lolita top sites cp
that my cock was
trying to break free from the shorts, bbs fozya 100 but it couldn't and was making me fee
uncomfortable down there. bbs innocent teen The butt plug kept rubbing my prostrate making me
go wild inside but of course my cock and balls had no release from teen model bbs list this
erotic and tense feeling.As we entered what must have been about the halfway mark, my master said I
could have a fifteen-minute rest before the second half of my exercise run.
I was also sweating like someone that was sat in a sauna. Of course having
nothing to wipe myself with the sweat was dripping of my forehead into my
mouth and tasted very salty. It earlygils bbs
was a very hot day and my cock and balls
were extremely sweating in the rubber shorts. Just before the start of the
second photos top 50 lolitas
half of the run master ordered me to take my cock out of the rubber
tube and point it towards the waist band, he told me that he wanted any
passers by to see my cock under the pre loli bald pussy rubber shorts. I did as I was told but
felt annoyed that he told me there wouldn't be anyone else round here. Now
he was contradiction, which I foolishly tried to tell him. Of course Slave
Boys don't question their masters and lolita supermodel nude littlegirl he told me I would receive punishment
later that night. The threat alone made my cock grow harder as I
repositioned so my cock pointed up towards my navel, as my master had
requested me to. "Right boy lets get back to work" he ordered as I finished
putting my cock in the right position. sex bbs board I was vary nervous of the lola teen model yong chance I
might be seen in this embarrassing state, but also extremely horny about the
intensity of the situation and for the rest of the run my cock never went
down, in fact it started pulsating a little under the rubber shorts. When
we got back to the car, my master stripped me naked then demanded me to suck
his toes which I was so happy to comply, after all any chance to be intimate
with my master young tops bbs
was little nude lolita topsites so precious to preteen candid lolita kissing me. After a while he took off his clothes
and told me to lay down on the picnic towel that we had placed on the ground
beside the car. He lay innocent preteen lolita pics down next to me. Pressing his chest to my back and
I could feel his hot and hard cock throb against my arse crack, pushing
against the butt plug. pre bbs porn Then he pulled out the butt plug and rubbed his knob
over my hole a few times and started playing with my nipples. He slowly
started pushing at my hole without entering me, of nude lolita incest bbs
course my young cock was
throbbing everywhere and leaking precum onto the ground. He brushed his
hand over my wet knob and just as he started pushing bbs russian kids
his hot fat cock into
my waiting arse he put his hand to my mouth and preteen lolita free sites I licked my own precum off
his hand. I could feel the heat from his body as his cock glided all preeteen bbs world
way up my arse pedo bbs fuck pushing deep into me. He slowly started lolita hot asian babes
fucking my arse with
long deep strokes, 15yr bbs which was sending me wild with pleasure as he managed to
rub his cock against my prostrate gland with ever entry of my arse. It
wasn't long lolita bear hug mpg before he started to pick up the pace of his strokes and as he
did the started pulling my nipples hard and biting the back of my neck.
Then he really started to fuck my arse with no mercy, which really turned me
on, and I shot my load all over the picnic rug. By now I could feel his cock
pulsate inside my arse. Suddenly his whole body tensed up as I clamped my
arse musclls round his throbbing cock. It must lolita ls model pics have sent him up to heaven
as he shot his cum deep inside my arse spurt after spurt went deep into me,
he came that much that loli image boards sandra it dripped out. He pulled out and turned me towards
him and pulled close to him our chests meeting and my cock pushing between
his legs which he clamped close holding my cock tight as he started to kiss
me passionately. I couldn't hold back and shot my cum all over his legs.
He ignored the fact that I had cum without his permission and just held me
even tighter and kissed me with even more intensity. We must have both
drifted off to sleep because the next thing I know is that I lol porn vintage bbs was woken to
rain hitting my naked body as me and my master were still in a tight
embrace. We packed our things preeteen porn bbs up and headed off home once more. Once we
had unpacked the car he ordered me downstairs which I knew fine well that I
was going to be punished for back chatting him earlier and for cumming this
afternoon when we made love. It was worth any punishment to be able to feel
his body next to mine our skins touching each other's. My girls forums bbs cock tried to get
hard preteen girl loli nude again in my rubber shorts but as he ordered me to put my cock back illigal nude russian lolita
its rubber kasumi fan bbs loli tube, my cock had no pedophilia bbs
room to sex cp bbs grow which made it feel really
uncomfortable.Once in the basement he took my rubber shorts and my harness off me. hardcore bbs porn girls Then
he took the butt plug out of my arse, which actually made me feel empty and
naked more then ever. I preteen lolli nude free
was sort of getting used to having my arse full pantyhose bbs
the time and now it was empty. He pedo lola top 100
then ordered me to bend over the bench
that I young bbs board
had been tied down to the day before. Then he cgi bbs teen kicked my legs apart so
he had a clear view of my arse. "Now boy we have best lolitas pay sities the matter of punishment to
deal with university hot bbs list don't we," he stated in an even voice. "Yes sir" I replied
knowing fine well that there would be no point trying to talk my way out of
it as lolita top 100 galleries I would only end up with a double helping of punishment if I did. "I
think 12 strokes of the whip and 12 strokes of the cane hacked porn passwords bbs
will be justified
don't you boy" he asked me. sweet lolita girls models
"Yes sir" I replied once more complying with
his thoughts.Almost instantly came the first lash of the whip on lolita porn pics rape
my left cheek "Count
them boy" he demanded. dark lolita kids 6yo
sun bbs ranchi "One sir" I said, then came the second and third
strokes "two sir, three sir" I kept counting the strokes of the whip which
felt like it was loli bbs yo sites cutting into my skin and after the seventh stroke my arse
was really loli models preten tgp stinging from the whipping and I was shouting out in pain. lolitas and nymphets rapidshare But
my master illegal bbs kds ignored me and kept bringing the whip down on my arse cheeks until
he dealt the 12th and final stroke of the whip. He allowed me about free bbs fozya two
minute then told me to lie face down on the bench which I did and he
immediately strapped my arms and legs to the bench. Then he picked up the
cane, and I was thinking how would I be able to take 12 strokes of the cane
after the whip, which my master had used on my very sore and red cheeks.
Then suddenly russian lolitas 11 years I felt a short but sharp hit of the cane on my soles and panic
set in as I realised I was going to get the whole 12 strokes of the cane on
the soles of my bare feet. " Five sir, six sir" I kept counting and with
each stroke on my feet my voice was quieter and less even until by the
eleventh lolitas rasuradas hentai key stroke where I couldn't hold back from crying with the free bbs zeps pain of my
feet. Master showed me no mercy and I didn't preteen lolitas pics models want or expect him to, as I
embarrassed him and broke the no cumming rule so I deserved to be punished.
I don't know how but I managed to survive all 12 strokes of the cane. After
the final stroke my master unbound me and sat me up on the bench, and hugged
me tightly kissing my forehead. Then he said he was going to get a bowel of
water for me to soak my feet in. lolita site portal bbs
When he came back I gently put my swollen
feet into the water, which at first seemed to aggravate the pain but after a
while the pain lessoned a little. Master told me that he would fetch a
blanket as it would probably be better for nude lolita modeling pictures me to just sleep down in the
basement rather then trying bbs ranchi illegal sex
to walk on my feet. After my master had brought
me a blanket down he kissed my forehead and said "Good night my petite young school lolitas
New boy."
Just before I asian lolitas underwear models
drifted off to sleep I felt that warm glowing feeling toplist lolita preteen underage as I
thought about the days events, and realised that my masters cum was still
dripping out of my arse hole which made me feel even happier as I lay on the
wooden bench with no mattress or pillow, just a blanket to keep me warm. Of
course lying on just a wooden bench with no mattress for comfort, which
meant I had a very uncomfortable night. Wakening up several times through
the night. Around dawn I did manage to drift off into a deep sleep and was
sound asleep until my master came down with my health breakfast. Master was
in a cheery mood and even looked at my soles, which were almost back to
their normal size even if they were discoloured with some bruises. After
breakfast my master helped me little hardcore lolita poses onto my feet, which was quite painful but not
unbearable and I managed to walk attentively up the stairs and into the
living room with my master's assistance. "Right boy you can have the russian nude preteen lolitas day to
yourself, as I have to go into the office for a while" he said.
"Yes sir" I photo bbs russian replied thinking of doing nothing but eat and watching
television. But my dream of the day ahead bbs nude videos of me was shattered when he
reminded me not to cum and also told me that he had prepared my lunch and it
was in the fridge, he also told me not to ranchi japanese bbs eat anything else. He kissed my
forehead and went bbs bbs vombat
out of the room and hot naked underage lolitas opened the front door and got into his
car and left.I didn't enjoy the free time blue mania bbs at all. I felt so alone, empty and yes
venerable. Then around two in the afternoon there was a knock on the door.
I started panicking as to what I should do, as before my master left he had
helped me back into the rubber shorts and harness. When the person knocked
another two times I decided I should answer the bbs free preeteen
door and off I went to the
front door opening it to find a cute guy around my age with dark brown puppy
dog eyes which mesmerised me. He was the local window cleaner and had come
to collect the money of my master. "Wow you look hot in your gear" he said
stunned, " do I , thanks" I replied toplist lola bbs equally as stunned and it pre teen lolita porn was at this
point I looked down as I was embarrassed by my state of dress or undress as
you might say. loli girl net models
"What can I do for you" I asked him. "Oh errrm I'm pretty little nude lolitas just
here lolita free pics bbs to bbs pedo incest see your master" He replied. biancas bbs I was even more shocked and stunned,
at the window cleaner clearly knew that I was slave boy. "How did you know
I'm a slave boy" I asked. Oh ive seen a couple of your masters other boys,
but you're the cutest of them all" he replied and I must have gone crimson
red in the face. It was just at bbs baby fuck
this point that my master pulled free bbs pasword incest up his car
in the drive. He got out of the car and said hi to the window cleaner and
gave him a deep loli girl thumb gallery kiss, which got me so jealous, and at that point I just
wanted to kill the window cleaner. To make matters worse my master only
gave me a kiss on my forehead. "I see you have bbs teen toplist been looking after steve"
"Yes sir" I replied As Steve made his excuses and left us. We walked back
into the house. And I went back to the television and put 16 porn bbs my feet up on a
footstool. Master went into his study and did a bit more work.
To be continued.Keep your nonude teens bbs emails coming in. let me know what you think of the story so far,
and naked loliitas pic galleries
any ideas you may have for this or a future story.
Emails to benme_overhotmail.comThanks for reading!!
Benme_over 2003 (copyright)
Please do not copy this story other then for personal reading without my
prior sun bbs elwebb
permission, thank you
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